Vaping Is The Leading Cause Of Inaccurate Scientific Studies, According To A Scientific Study

The study, published by the Scientific Research Department here at Vapetrotter which definitely isn’t made up, found that vaping and e-cigarette inhalation in general was the highest contributing factor to recent inaccurate scientific studies.

An article published by Independent UK most likely at gunpoint stated:

“Vaping “no better” than smoking regular cigarettes and may be linked to cancer, scientists have found.”

The “scientists” concluded that when human cells were exposed to… Well, have a read:

Never go full retard

“Researchers found that the cells which had not come into contact with vapour were more likely to become damaged or die than those which had not.”

While the research concluded that the cells which hadn’t come into contact were more likely to die than the ones which hadn’t come into contact, we finally managed to regather ourselves and point out that there was no mention of the other part of the experiment where cigarette smoke was used, because the cells died too fast to actually get an accurate reading.

Yeah, scientists.

The same article then moved into Popcorn Lung territory, citing a study by Harvard University which found:

“Some of the chemical components can cause a rare condition called ‘popcorn lung’”.

The “chemical components” were/was Diacetyl.  Read a book, guys.

Scientifically, this must make e-cigarettes just as dangerous as regular cigarettes.



Ya Done Messed Up

Unfortunately for the Big “Something” company that funded these studies and most likely sent these Harvardians to Cancun, some actual research uncovered that an average e-liquid contained anywhere from 9 to 239 milligrams of Diacetyl while regular cigarettes contained anywhere from 6,718 to 20,340 milligrams of Diacetyl.

Only around 750 to 2,200 times higher.

Not only that, even though regular cigarettes contain enough Diacetyl to open a shop selling Diacetyl (and funnily enough a lot of random shit which you’d just find in Walgreens like butter, seriously check it out, you could probably open a Walgreens), according to Critical Reviews In Toxicology, regular cigarettes have never been found to be a risk factor for Bronchiolitis (popcorn lung).

Just to finish up, here at Vapetrotter we know that e-cigarettes are relatively new and research into them is still somewhat fresh, but if you tend to believe that:

“Vaping “no better” than smoking regular cigarettes” – Independent UK

you’re a bit of a fucking idiot.

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