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Essential Tips And Tricks For Travelling With An E-cigarette

Our team here at Vapetrotter has flown around most of the world in the last 2 years and we’ve learned that if something can happen, it will.

Minimize your headaches with our handy travel tips for vapers.

The I won’t need cigarettes halfway through my trip Checklist

Before you make your way to the airport you need to ensure you’re prepared for your trip, so check off each of these items first and you should be good to go. Always play it safe and assume that everything you bring is going to break or get lost. If you think you’re bringing too much equipment, you’re probably bringing just enough.

1. E-cigarette

It’s a good idea to bring at least one spare complete e-cigarette, ie. both the device and the tank/dripper. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just needs to do the job if and when your main one fails or disappears. While your favorite one hasn’t missed a beat since you bought it, if it’s going to happen it’ll be as soon as you’re nowhere near a vape store.

2. Spare parts

Don’t leave home without these because you will definitely need them, and bring more than you think you will need. If you use a tank, ensure you bring more than enough replacement coils. If you use a dripper, ensure you bring more than enough replacement coils/wire, cotton and a rebuild kit.

3. Battery charger & spare batteries

Remember to pack your charging cord and any necessary power adaptors if you use devices with internal batteries. If your devices use removable batteries, you’re going to need a few spares and also a slot-charger to juice them all back up. Ensure you bring at least twice as many batteries as each device can fit. This ensures that you can charge them while you use the others, and you’ll never be stuck waiting for your only set to recharge.

4. E-liquid

You know how much e-liquid you use each day. To ensure you don’t run out, multiply the daily amount by the total number of days, and then multiply that by 1.5.

Example: Say you use 10mL a day and you’re going away for a week:

10ml x 7 days = 70mL usual consumption

70mL x 1.5 = 105mL total needed for the trip

Important information on bringing liquids onto planes is available further down.

Preparing for the flight

Flying with e-cigarette equipment isn’t as simple as throwing them in your bag or into your pocket before you settle down to watch Sleepless In Seattle with a $15 sandwich.

1. Carry-on, not check-in

All batteries must be in carry-on, and while not everything else has to go into your carry-on, you’ll have a much smoother customs clearance experience if that’s where you put it all. Take our word on this.

2. One separate carry bag

Try and fit all of your e-cigarette gear into one separate bag, like a toiletry bag. This keeps everything neat and safe, and you can easily take it out of your main carry-on bag and let it go through the scanner alone, instead of seeing your entire bag get stopped every time for a bag search.

3. Secure your batteries

Any spare batteries must be secured in a hard carry case. If not, they could roll around in your bag, touch some coins or a zipper and set on fire. Smoking isn’t allowed on airplanes, especially if it’s your hair or the overhead compartment.

4. Empty your tanks/drippers

Emptying your dripper is a no-brainer, but you also need to make sure your tanks are empty. Simply laying around in your bag will have them leaking, but the added air pressure during take off and landing will have them saturating everything in sight. Forgot to empty your tank? Not to worry, simply unscrew the top cap and hold it upright during take off and landing, as this will stop it from pressurizing.

5. Packing your e-liquids

Liquid containers over 100mL (3.4 oz) are confiscated by customs at most airports now, so ensure you only bring smaller bottles all sealed together in a quart-sized clear bag. All of the bottles must also be clear, so no fancy solid colors here. Remember, you’re only allowed one of these bags per person, and it also has to fit all of your other liquids such as perfume and mouthwash.

Vapes on a plane

Sneaking your e-cigarette out of your bag and blowing the vapor into your blanket like a ninja might seem fool-proof, and after 5 hours of cold-turkey it may even seem silly not to.

Don’t do it.

It goes without saying, but using your e-cigarette on the plane is against international aviation law, and the flight crew will frown upon what you’re doing so much so that you can get a fine of up to $5,000 for one single puff.

If you think that’s bad, all flight crew are trained to respond to any sign of “smoke” as a potential fire or terror threat, and if the flight is diverted due to your delicious cloud of cherry pie you can be fined up to $25,000 and even imprisoned.

Venturing the foreign lands

Each place on earth has its own set of rules and regulations in regards to e-cigarette sales, usage, possession, importation, etc.

Ensure you check the information pages here of each new place you’re traveling to, as they will all have different restrictions for vaping in public and in indoor venues such as bars and restaurants. Some even ban e-cigarette products from being brought into the country.

A few of these places also have substantial fines for doing so, so it’s essential you do your research before packing the cloud machines.

Buying products overseas

As you can see on our global store map, a lot of the densely populated areas around the globe have a nice selection of retail stores, and purchasing products that you’ve heard of from stores that are well presented will often not pose any sort of risk.

Where you need to be careful is when you’re shopping in the areas that do not have a lot of stores. You can usually use your common sense here, but initially look for things like the quality of the store and the knowledge of the staff. If these seem fine, you then want to see whether they’re stocking products you’re familiar with, and do these look like genuine articles.

We suggest you avoid buying products that you are not familiar with, like homemade e-liquids or e-liquids that you haven’t seen before as they could contain anything and could have been prepared without hygiene or safety considered.

Also be wary of e-cigarettes that may be fakes or copies of real brands, as these can be low quality and very dangerous to use.


For many, vaping is a necessary tool to help keep them away from cigarettes, and so it’s essential that you take every step you can to ensure that you aren’t stranded without your equipment and are tempted to reach for a cigarette.

If you have any further questions or would like more information on where you’re going, please use the search bar at the top of the page or head over to our support pages by clicking here.

Happy travels!

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