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Brief Overview

The legality of e-cigarettes in Brunei is quite confusing at this stage, with many contradictory laws seeming to be in place.  While the use of an e-cigarette currently seems to be permitted in areas that permit smoking tobacco, it is currently illegal to purchase an e-cigarette or bring one into the country.

Please read the following information thoroughly before making any decision to bring products into the country, make a purchase or use them in public places.  We also strongly suggest registering for updates as we will have further information from the embassy shortly.

E-cigarette products are classified as tobacco imitation products, and the Tobacco Order of Brunei prohibits the sale, offer for sale or importation of items that imitate tobacco products.

The restrictions on using e-cigarettes is included under the Tobacco Order 2005.  Smoking tobacco under the Tobacco Order 2005 means inhaling and exhaling tobacco smoke or any other substance.  Inhaling and exhaling vapors from electronic cigarettes is included in the definition of smoking.

If a person is found using an e-cigarette in places where smoking is prohibited, under the Tobacco Order 2005 Section 14 (2), they can be fined $300 for the first offence and $500 for the second (and all subsequent) offence(s).

Nicotine preparations above 7.5 percent are classified as poisons and the Poisons Act stipulates that a license/permit from the Pharmacy Enforcement Unit of the Ministry of Health must be obtained before a person can import, possess for sale or offer for sale any poison.

Although e-cigarettes are subject to harsh laws in Brunei, there does seem to be quite an active vaping community.  Products and stores may be found throughout the country, although information on these is not easily available online due to exorbitant fines and the illegal nature of these offerings.  As such, we will not list these locations.

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All Laws & Regulations

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Review Status

This country’s legal measures were reviewed by our staff. No in-country lawyers or tobacco control experts reviewed our analysis.

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