Analysis of electronic cigarette cartridges, refill solutions, and smoke for nicotine and nicotine related impurities


The objective of this study was to determine nicotine and the nicotine related impurities, that is, cotinine, myosmine, anatabine, anabasine, and β-nicotyrine, in electronic cigarette cartridges, the liquid used to fill the cartridges, and from smoke generated using the electronic cigarette devices. An HPLC method was validated for the determination. Samples of nicotine containing products were purchased via the internet from NJOY, Smoking Everywhere, CIXI, and Johnson Creek. Electronic cigarette devices were purchased from NJOY, Smoking Everywhere, and CIXI. The results from the testing found that (1) the nicotine content labeling was not accurate with some manufacturers, (2) nicotine is present in the “smoke” from electronic cigarettes, and (3) nicotine related impurities contents in cartridges and refills were found to vary by electronic cigarette manufacturer.


August 25, 2011

Access the full article here: Taylor & Francis Online

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