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Brief Overview

The Ministry of Health in Cairo, Egypt has determined that a decision made by its Technical Committee of Drugs in 2011 means that electronic cigarettes should be completely banned in the country. Presumably, the ministry’s Central Administration Department of Pharmaceutical Affairs determined that because their safety has yet to be proven, they are not legally marketable goods.

It seems that the Ministry of Health is making the argument that due to other rules, e-cigs are simply banned.  That is, that there is no need to propose a ban and get it passed, it simply is already the case. They’re basing this decision on a decision made in 2011 that potentially toxic or harmful products cannot be imported or traded in the Egyptian market.

While importing, purchasing and distributing e-cigarette products is technically illegal, many e-cigarette users on online forums have posted about their usage of e-cigarettes inside of Egypt without any troubles from authorities, and there are a number of shops available in the country.

We suggest not traveling into Egypt with any e-cigarette products in your luggage or on your person, as they are often confiscated by customs officials.

All Laws & Regulations

The Egyptian Ministry of Health technical committee has rejected applications for marketing authorization of electronic cigarettes on the grounds that they contain harmful chemicals, and lack safety and toxicity data.

Review Status

This country’s legal measures were reviewed by our staff. No in-country lawyers or tobacco control experts reviewed our analysis.

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