Ad Placements


Footer Placement

Advertisements displayed in our footer are shown on every single page of the website. This placement is perfect for brands that are not area specific.

Dimensions in pixels*
Web: 248 x 248
Tablet (portrait): 137 x 137
Tablet (landscape): 190 x 190
Mobile (portrait): 248 x 248
Mobile (landscape): 248 x 248

Top picks in this area

The most targeted advertising solution available online. Market directly to consumers who are in your area or traveling to your area. These placements are perfect for stores, events and local brands.

Dimensions in pixels*
Web: 533 x 178
Tablet (portrait): 294 x 98
Tablet (landscape): 408 x 136
Mobile (portrait): 300 x 100
Mobile (landscape): 533 x 178

*Measured on 1366×768, iPad and iPhone 7. Dimensions may vary due to different screen resolutions.