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    In May of 2013, Vapes Gone Wild was born. Our founder Trent Struck had first been introduced to the vaping world while living in Utah and attending the University of Utah. After realizing that vaping was a great alternative to smoking cigarettes, Trent was ready to dive into the industry himself. Seeing the need to bring vaping to his hometown, Trent decided to take a leap and established VGW’s first location. At the time of our opening, there were no other shops in our area. This fact alone helped to establish Vapes Gone Wild among vapers in our area. Our first shop was small, but our impression was just the opposite! We were located in a prime location off of exit 54 in Sharpsburg, right in between Newnan and Peachtree City. The decision to open here was solely made with potential customers in mind. There was a massive need for a vape shop in our area and Trent was devoted to making the switch as easy as possible for smokers in our city. It was very important to Trent that we were in an accessible location with hours to easily accommodate customer’s schedules. At first, our hours were 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. on the weekdays, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays. After witnessing a colossal need for expanded hours to better accommodate our customers, the decision was made to expand our shop hours to 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. on weekdays and open between 12 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Sundays. Longer hours enabled us to continue on our path to revolutionize and grow our brand! With an in-house juice line and a flavor-testing bar, we wanted to make it known to our customers that their satisfaction was our number one priority. Devoted to the best customer service, our small team made it evident that we genuinely cared for our customers, going above and beyond to ensure that they walked out the door with a smile on their face and a vape in hand that fit their unique needs and preferences. For us, it was imperative that our customers felt that we were there for them during the transition into vaping and were ready and eager to answer any questions they may have. Our team never hesitated to do all that we needed for our customers, taking into account every aspect of their needs to ensure that they were set up with all the correct ratios, nicotine, and devices. Because of these values, Vapes Gone Wild quickly established a regular, and quite large, customer base allowing us to keep doing what we love most! Vapes Gone Wild has grown tremendously thanks to a wide variety of amazing customers, an all-star team, and let’s not forget our unforgettable in-house e-juice! Many of the shops at that time only carried established third party e-juice brands. This alone helped to set Vapes Gone Wild apart from the competition, as we were one of the first to develop our very own, high quality e-juice brand. Our collection started off small, but the flavors were more than memorable!

    Six months after Vapes Gone Wild’s doors first opened, we had already outgrown our original location. We upgraded to a new, larger location about twice the size of our first shop in a busier area so that we could continue to expand and grow with our customers. Our new shop was located on the second story suite located at 300 Bullsboro Drive and only 1 mile away from I-85. This first move provided us with a more centralized location in a bustling and busier part of town. Since we were on the second floor we had the added benefit that our suite overlooked Bullsboro Drive, the busiest road in the Newnan area. To further incentivize our customers to stick with vaping, we had a motivational quote painted up the staircase reading, “These steps will get easier the longer you vape”. Our customers loved the inspirational message, continued to frequent our shop, and deemed those words true. The new shop allowed us not only more space for an increasing inventory and customer base, but also a very unique vibe that made VGW stand out among many other shops. With multiple juice bars to separate our original in-house juices from third party brands, a lounging area with a comfortable couch to accommodate customers while they waited for juice, and eye-catching artwork, this shop helped to establish Vapes Gone Wild as THE shop to frequent in Newnan, Georgia. Customers knew that they were welcome at Vapes Gone Wild and that we considered our customers family! Our all-star team of employees lead by Trent would only secure our place in the growing industry, never failing to put each and every customer’s unique needs first. It wasn’t just the shop itself and our one of a kind team that helped to set us apart, but our broad variety of high quality e-juices as well. With a bigger shop came more unique flavors, allowing us a larger lab area making it easier to cater to a wider array of preferences and keep the interest of our regular customer base. With a larger lab area we were able to dedicate more space to our growing juice menu. We also invested in a better printer to better handle the growing number of juice orders we were receiving on a daily basis and to more efficiently change our labels. We introduced to our customers our first ever “Drip Line” at our second shop only furthering VGW as its own unique brand. With all of these changes, expansions, and upgrades Vapes Gone Wild continued to flourish with the opening of our second location.

    By the end of 2014, it was time for yet another upgrade for Vapes Gone Wild. The decision was made to utilize another suite in the same building for our retail shop and use our upstairs space as a lab and office area. The first story suite provided our customers with a much more accessible entrance into our shop, no longer requiring them to make the long trek up the staircase and into the shop. The new retail area still offered a view of Bullsboro Drive, but was much more practical than the previous second story shop. This expansion also allowed us a chance to once again increase our inventory, focus more on our original in-house juices, and assist our growing customer base more efficiently. With our business growing more rapidly than ever before, it was important for us to be able to efficiently help our customers. Trent decided it would be best to utilize more tablets and add another register to better equip Vapes Gone Wild to handle an increasing customer base. To motivate our customers to stick with vaping, we implemented our first rewards system, Belly. Customers would check-in using their Belly card each time they visited to earn different rewards! We then switched to a better system called ShopKeep, linked to each customers purchases offering a percentage off of their totals after a certain amount of purchases were made. We also were granted more space to offer local businesses an area to advertise in the shop. We put forth a new original Drip Line, this one even more popular than the first. More flavors were introduced to our menu and we also began carrying a wider array of third party e-liquid brands as well. We held our first in-store event, a taste testing party where our customers were asked to try and score different e-juice brands providing us with more insight into the needs of our customers. We were very focused on offering as many options as we could to our amazing customers, ensuring their satisfaction and many more visits.More inventory was picked up, offering customers even more unique options. Staying true to our unique and laidback vibe, a larger wall mural was painted in our retail area helping to further set us apart from other shops in the area. Our customers loved the artsy vibes that this added to the shop, ensuring that Vapes Gone Wild was a standout shop in the area. With multiple tables and seating, we were able to offer customers a dedicated area to build coils, assemble their vapes, or just chill with the crew! The popularity of Vapes Gone Wild was increasing day by day to the point where at times, walking into the shop felt like walking straight into a cloud! A juice shoot was also installed from the second story down to the retail area, providing us with a fun and efficient way of dispensing our e-juice to customers. With this third move, it was apparent that Vapes Gone Wild was devoted to progression, growth, and making sure to cater to our customers with the utmost care and quality.

    By mid-2016, Vapes Gone Wild was ready for bigger and better things. With business booming and FDA regulations being proposed, our founder Trent decided to look to the future and better prepare VGW for the new guidelines that would soon be in place. We moved just down the road into a building double the size of our previous shop, granting us plenty of room to build an ISO 7 lab in the shop. This was an amazing milestone for the company, ensuring top of the line e-juice production and quality. Our lab employees go to extreme measures to ensure top quality e-juice, suiting up every day and carefully hand-crafting each bottle. By implementing an ISO 7 lab, we also put ourselves ahead of any oncoming regulations that the FDA would throw our way. It was in this shop that some huge decisions were made. After four years, Trent decided it was time for Vapes Gone Wild to really step up our game. We rebranded to give Vapes Gone Wild a more professional and mature look, instating a brand new logo to appeal to a wider variety of customers and potential new wholesalers. We also launched our first national premium juice line, The Cream of the Crop Collection, and we have since been working tirelessly to take our brand to new heights all over the country! The installment of our state of the art lab only made the decision to expand much easier. Our new shop not only flaunts an ISO 7 laboratory, but the same fun and artistic style we’ve carried with us since day one. Our eye-catching wall mural stands proudly at the front of the shop, even larger than our previous shop’s. With our customer base continuing to reach new heights, we implemented another new rewards system which is synced with our P.O.S. to keep encouraging our customers to keep calm and vape on! We aimed to make everything about VGW bigger and better than ever in our new location. With a sleek new flavor bar to accommodate more customers, three flat screen tv’s to keep our customers entertained while waiting for their e-juice, a comfortable lounging area with a couch and plenty of vape related magazines, and smiling faces, we aim to make sure every one of our customers feels like part of the Vapes Gone Wild family. With more space and a new look, we hosted our fourth birthday party here, offering customers chances to win new devices, tanks, juice, and apparel. We were able to accommodate a large amount of people at the party, even hiring a DJ to keep things upbeat and lively! After the success of that party, we are looking forward to throwing many more events at our new and improved shop. With so many changes in the vaping industry and new faces walking through our doors daily, Vapes Gone Wild is more than ready to continue expanding and changing the lives of many more people. This new location has helped to solidify the mark we’ve made in the industry and has set us up to make an even larger impression in the years to come!

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