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Vapetrotter Calculators

The Battery Drain Calculator is a handy tool which approximates how long your battery will last based on your battery type and the resistance of the coil build you are using.

Just as the name suggests, this tool is amazingly useful for building and designing coils for rebuildable atomizers.

A basic unit measurement converter which allows you to convert between millimeters, inches, AWG, BWG, SWG and fractional inches.

A calculator for working out how much flavor, nicotine, PG, and VG to mix when you’re mixing up e-juice. You can even name each flavor and save your work for next time you’re mixing another batch!

Not sure what resistance you should try to build to for your mod? Try using the Mod Range Calculator to find the sweet spot!

Again, as the name suggests, this calculator is used for working out¬†resistance, voltage, current draw, and wattage for building coils using Ohm’s Law.

The Wire Wizard is a more advanced version of the Coil Wrapping calculator designed for more complex coils or mixed material temperature control builds. Generally you won’t need this over the Coil Wrapping tool unless you’re a pro builder.